Sunday, August 5, 2012

Romney ignores workers' pleas to "save our jobs"

Mitt Romney has tried to distance himself from Bain Capital's practice of outsourcing American jobs by insisting he retroactively retired from Bain before the outsourcing started. That claim is doubtful at best. But now Mitt Romney may have a chance to fix the record. If he really does have a problem with Bain outsourcing American jobs - then he should pay attention to what's going on in Freeport, Illinois right now. There, more than 170 workers who work at a factory owned by Sensata Technologies are about to lose their jobs. Sensata is closing the factory and shipping it off to China. And guess who owns Sensata Technologies and is responsible for closing down the factory to ship it to China? Bain Capital. Yep - the same Bain Capital that Romney still collects dividend checks from. And now - workers who are about to be out of job are calling on Romney to stand up on their behalf and protect American workers. In fact - Sign has launched a petition garnering more than 2,000 signatures calling on Romney to speak out and put an end to outsourcing. Thom Hartmann is joined by one of the workers at Sensata's Freeport factory - Cherly Randecker - who's joined the camapign calling on Mitt Romney to stand up for American jobs.

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