Thursday, August 16, 2012

What Canadian CEOs want: class warfare

The Globe and Mail:

As Finance Minister Jim Flaherty goes behind closed doors for his sixth annual summer policy retreat, government documents obtained by The Globe and Mail reveal what gets discussed at these candid off-the-record confabs.

During last year’s sessions with business and policy leaders in Wakefield, Que., the minister was urged to adopt measures to reduce the pay of Canadian workers, limit union power by enacting U.S.-style right-to-work legislation, and allow two-tier health care.

There were also calls for a higher retirement age and to open Canada’s shipping, telecom and airline industries to more foreign competition.

The details are in a briefing note to Mr. Flaherty from his deputy minister that summarizes what was said.

For two days every summer, a select group of CEOs, other business leaders, and policy experts is invited to a retreat with the Finance Minister. The event is private. Participants are allowed to talk about the meeting afterward, but cannot reveal who said what.

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