Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NDP to resurrect provincial party in Quebec?

The Windsor Star:

Ottawa — The New Democratic Party says it’s exploring the possibility of creating a provincial wing in Quebec.

NDP national director Chantale Vallerand told Postmedia News talks are preliminary. “There’s been so many things thrown at us in the past year that we’ve been busy making sure that we were on top of everything at the federal level so we didn’t have any time, resources or energy to devote at a provincial level,” she noted.

“Having said that, we are exploring options and possibilities on how that can be done at the provincial level but it’s not short-term . . . It’s not something we are saying no to.”

Vallerand lamented there was “no way” to get anything provincial organized in time for the current Quebec election. Very little progress has been made to-date on a provincial NDP; party officials are musing about whether and how it might be done.

The NDP, which surged to form the official opposition at the national level in 2011, currently has a presence in almost all provinces as well as the Yukon. It does not in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, nor has it had a presence in Quebec at the provincial level since 1989.

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