Friday, April 15, 2011

Anti-Harper website attracts two million hits

Cameron Reed (left), Cam Dales, Kevin Lee, Sean Devlin and Nathan Dales are creators of a website that chronicles Stephen Harper's record.

The Vancouver Sun:

Social media are wreaking havoc on the Conservative party's image with an anti-Harper website that's gone viral, reaching more than a million Canadians since its Wednesday release.

Mixing humour with profanity, the website -crashed under the weight of traffic within hours of its launch Wednesday morning. By Thursday, it passed two million hits, with the average viewer spending four minutes on the site reading through news reports chronicling Prime Minister Stephen Harper's record.

Among people who noticed the site was author Margaret Atwood, who tweeted the link to her 160,000-plus followers: "Didn't know about some of these things! Yikes!" she wrote.

While grassroots social media initiatives have been growing since the start of the campaign, the instant success of the website surprised even its creators, a mostly Vancouver-based group of artists and activists who wanted to convince young people to take part in the political process.

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