Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why Bhutan did the opposite of privatization

Let's think about what's going on in the United States right now...Everywhere you look - the profit motive is replacing the public good. What used to be our commons: our education systems, our roads and bridges, our social safety nets, our prisons, our water and power systems, you name it - they are all being devoured by billionaires and their for-profit corporations. And they only have one motive - to make higher and higher quarterly profits.

So with the privatization of water facilities in Detroit - it's no longer a question of, "How water can be supplied to the most residents in the best way possible?" - it's now a question of, "How can the basic human need for water be used to turn a profit?" With the privatization of prisons in places like Ohio and Arizona - it's no longer a question of "How we can administer our criminal justice system for the good of the society?" - but, rather, "How we can lock up more and more Americans to increase profits?" And with the privatization of education - which can be seen in the push for charter schools and billionaire-funded Hollywood movies - it's no longer a question about, "How we can educate our kids to be leaders in the new economy?" - but, rather, "How we can shuffle kids in and out of classes in the most profitable way possible?" The Republican Party has pushed privatizing Social Security since the thirties, and privatizing Medicare since the sixties. Our food supply is now increasingly dominated by one private corporation - Monsanto - that is peddling genetically modified foods that scientific tests have proven to be unhealthy in lab animals - but are extremely profitable.

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