Monday, October 22, 2012

Taking on corporate power: unionization

The corporate state today is stronger than it's ever been. Thanks to the Supreme Court - our elections are up for sale to the highest bidder - be it a billionaire casino mogul like Sheldon Adelson - or a massive transnational corporation like Koch Industries. And employers can now use the power of their position as the holder of the paycheck to implicitly coerce their employees to vote or lend support to whichever politician the CEO wants - or face consequences on the job. Many companies, are doing exactly that - including Murray Energy in Ohio - Westgate Resorts - and the Koch brothers' Georgia Pacific.

And Mitt Romney himself is encouraging employers to use this tactic, as a June 2012 conference call with the National Federation of Independent Businesses revealed. Plain and simple - the mechanisms by which we the people can control our democracy are being destroyed one-by-one. So the question do we get them back? How do we wrestle back control from corporate CEOs and the super-rich who have now become Kings in our so-called democracy? Now of course - there's overturning Citizens United and putting in place a constitutional amendment that says money is property - not speech - and corporations are property - not people. Go to to get involved in that fight.

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