Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sign here to stop Golden Dawn Nazis in Montreal!

Why this is important

The existence of a Nazi Organization in Canada such as Golden Dawn, the Greek Neo-Nazi party, is against the Canadian Charter of Human Rights.

Their leader has written extensively on the goodness of the nazis and white supremacy, and ends a passage quoted on the site with a “HEIL HITLER”. Not to mention their goal of expelling gays, immigrants, addicts, the disabled, and those with mental illness from Greece, and creating a blood registry to ensure citizens’ “purity”. Or the brutal beatings of gays and immigrants, often with help from the cops.

L'existence d'une organisation nazie au Canada comme L'aube Doree, l'organization Naziste de Grece est contraire à la Charte Canadienne des droits de l'homme.


Golden Dawn is a Nazi & Organization that has been allowed in the Greek Parliaments, Greek courts have declared them LEGAL even though their actions and beliefs break European Union Laws, they are now being investigated by the European Union. We demand that Canadian government prevents them from establishing any Nazi organization in any shape or form. It is hypocritical to allow them to practice racism and discrimination in the most immigrant friendly country in the world! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION!  

Sign the petition here.

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