Saturday, September 8, 2012

Trudeau's fear mongering robo calls in by-election


With MPs set to return to the Commons in two weeks, it looks like the Liberal Party has begun beta testing what is expected to be the main line of attack against their opposition rival New Democrats this fall. 

Just hours before the polls were set to close in Kitchener-Waterloo, embattled provincial Liberals launched a last-ditch effort to turn an Ontario by-election into, of all things, a referendum on the federal NDP's position on Quebec succession -- with more than a little help from Liberal MP Justin Trudeau, who took time away from his busy schedule of playing coy on future leadership ambitions to hit the telephonic hustings, robocall-style: 

Voter in #KitWat says she got a call from "Somebody Trudeau urging me to vote Liberal because the NDP want to divide Canada."

Is Justin Trudeau actually robocalling #KitWat pushing Unity Wars? That's messed up if he is. 

In Trudeau's next robocalls I expect him to also tell us how forcing special legislation on teachers will save the country #kitwat #cdnpoli

Asked about the call the next day, Trudeau said he did it because he's a team player. " Liberals in Ontario asked me to help out in their byelections, and I recorded voice drops for both." 

At press time, no reports of calls in Vaughan, which were recorded last week, have been reported, but according to Trudeau, it had a "different message."

In addition to the Justin-o-gram robo-blitz, local Liberals were also circulating these similarly-themed leaflets:

(click image for larger view)

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