Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why is Romney making out with foreign banksters

Barclays Bank executives have already coughed up more than a million dollars in donations to the Romney campaign - which has really ticked off British members of Parliament who are investigating LIBOR crimes. As the British newspaper The Telegraph reports: "11 MPs last week demanded the bank and its directors stop working to bolster Mr. Romney's election campaign and concentrate on repairing confidence in the banking system." But of course if Romney gets on a plane - flies all the way across the Atlantic Ocean - and comes to party in London's financial district - what else are Barclay's banksters supposed to?? Especially since Romney is their meal ticket. Romney is the guy who's going to repeal Dodd Frank financial regulations - free Wall Street once again to gamble, manipulate, and defraud the rest of us.

So Barclays - and the rest of the scandal-ridden banks - aren't really "contributing" to Mitt Romney - they're INVESTING in Mitt Romney. What Mitt Romney is doing goes way beyond his campaign racist Anglo-Saxon remarks. It goes beyond Mitt's shady Swiss bank accounts. It goes beyond his years at Bain off-shoring American jobs. All of which are important - but holding a fundraiser on foreign soil with banksters who work for a foreign corporation and are currently under investigation for what could be the biggest financial crime in the history of the world - THAT takes the cake. This should end the Romney campaign for good. But it won't.

And the reason it won't is because of the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling that took us down the road of foreigners, multi-national corporations, and bankster criminals owning our politicians. We have criminal banksters committing rampant fraud - then investing in our Presidential candidates, hoping that in return those candidates will pass legislation to legalize their fraud or give them immunity. And this will continue until "we the people" stand up and say no more. Until we as a nation come together to amend the Constitution once and for all to overturn Citizens United and say that corporations - especially foreign criminal ones - are not people, and money - especially money collected from fraud - is not speech. Go to Move To

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