Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Canadian woman alleges rape by Mexican police

Rebecca Rutland went to the Canadian consular agency in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, on Jan. 12 to say Mexican police had raped her.

The Toronto Star:

Rebecca Rutland, 41, told the CBC that she was out drinking with fiancĂ©, Richard Coleman on New Year’s Eve in the seaside town of Playa Del Carmen (about 60 kms from Cancun) when the 51-year-old found himself in a heated exchange with police.

According to Rutland, the couple was arrested, taken to a sprawling jail, and separated. Rutland said she was forced to perform oral sex on an officer. Then, she says, two officers took turns raping her.

Rutland, who is currently working on her thesis in Thunder Bay, said the pair was also robbed of hundreds of dollars and jewellery

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