Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Left-wing councillors lash out after Cherry speech

The Globe and Mail:

“Put that in your pipes, you left-wing kooks.”

Those were the words that echoed through Toronto’s council chambers as Mayor Rob Ford stood to deliver an inaugural address that couldn’t hope to compete with the performance that preceded it.

Don Cherry, clad in a shockingly pink floral jacket, set the tone at Mr. Ford’s investiture Tuesday with a three-minute introductory speech that lambasted pinkos, bike riders and the “left-wing” media.

“I’m wearing pinko for all the pinkos out there who ride bicycles,” the Hockey Night In Canada personality began. “I am befuddled because I just thought I was doing a good thing coming down with Ron, [I mean] Rob and I thought it was going to be nice and the whole deal. I’ve been being ripped to shreds by the left-wing pinko newspapers out there. It’s unbelievable.”

Mr. Cherry, selected to drape the chain of office over the mayor’s neck, said a few kind words about Mr. Ford before concluding: “He’s going to be the greatest mayor this city has ever, ever seen as far I’m concerned. Put that in your pipes, you left-wing kooks.”

The remarks shocked many councillors who had invited their families to watch what was supposed to be a friendly ceremony kicking off the 2010-2014 term of council. Councillor Adam Vaughan, a long-time enemy of Mr. Ford, swiveled his chair and put his back to Mr. Cherry during the speech. Others were equally unimpressed.

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